So what exactly are you supposed to say when you meet someone?

Hello!  How are you?

Nice to meet you, I’m____

By the way I’m ____

That does fine in the real world, but how do you introduce yourself to someone when they can’t actually see you?  I think I’m socially awkward enough in real life, so this should be interesting.

Hello, my name is Shaunese.  I’m a 20-something female… I won’t tell you my actual age because you know what they say about asking a woman her age, right?  I hope that knowing I’m young enough to be crazy and adventurous, but old enough to know how to get my ass out of trouble (sometimes) will suffice.  I’m new-ish to blogging, I’ll explain why.  I’ve opened a multitude of ‘personal’ blogs over the years.  I’ve been sampling blogging since it first started it seems.  I’ve just never had the conviction to actually stick with it, you can say that I’m a little bit commitment-phobic.  Personally, I feel that I just haven’t been able to find the right subject matter.  The more interested I am in the subject, the more interested I am in sharing it with you.  At least that’s how it is supposed to work.

I’m attempting to blog here about food.  I’m not a celebrity chef or a restaurant critic, I’m not even a food connoisseur.  I’m really just a girl who really enjoys the foods I like, and have always been too sheltered or afraid to step outside of those boundaries.  So I’d like to push myself a little bit.   Now that I live on my own, I’m trying to eat a well-balanced diet and expand my horizons.  I’ve been to restaurants that I wouldn’t have dared to try in the past, and really developed a love for evenings spent alone making whatever dinner I can dream up.

I’ve come to realize that food is one of the most important aspects of life – in many cultures.  Here in Canada, we celebrate with food (and beer), we throw parties about food (potluck anyone?) and when we are sad, we turn to food.  Some of my best memories are with the people I love and a table full of food.  Can you say any different?

I’m going to set out a few goals for myself here.

  1. I will blog my way through recipe books.
  2. I will go to new places and try out new foods.
  3. I will share my discoveries with the world.
  4. If you speak, I will listen.

So, let’s finally start this meal of a journey.  As they say in Japan, Itadakimasu (いただきます)!


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